• Toronto Hot Pilates

    Certified using Inferno Hot Pilates method,
    we promise fast results, fun classes
    and motivating instructors!

  • Toronto Hot Pilates

    We strive to help people become the best
    version of themselves in mind, body and spirit

  • Toronto Hot Pilates

    Higher Vibration
    Stronger Mindset
    Healthier Body

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What is Inferno Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates is a 60-minute, high intensity, low-impact, interval training using Pilates principles. Connecting the mind and body through its focus on breath and controlling each movement. It is performed in a heated room that helps burn calories and speed up metabolism for optimal results. Paired with energetic, up-beat music, Hot Pilates focuses on improving your endurance, strengthening your core, creating long lean muscle in both your upper and lower body making for an amazing full-body workout. Not only does this allow you to strengthen your body, but you will simultaneously be strengthening your mind as well! Making for a full Mind, Body & Soul workout, which will have you feeling motivated all day.

Men and Women and all fitness levels welcome! Just bring a mat, small towel, large towel (optional) and lots of water. Please arrive ATLEAST 15 mins early to setup as classes start promptly.



Located in Downtown Toronto and certified using Inferno Hot Pilates method, we promise fast results, fun classes and motivating instructors!
What ever your fitness goals may be; whether you want to lose weight, use Inferno Pilates as your primary full-body workout, or have it compliment your other workouts, your goals can be met here at Zen Hot and we will be with you every step of the way.
We are humbly starting in the fitness room located above Calii Love restaurant 367 King West. Every Tuesday and Thrusday at 7pm. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get up to date information on class schedules, pricing promotions and additional locations.


While living in Las Vegas, NV, Julia was an avid student at Inferno Hot Pilates almost 3 years. Not until moving to Miami Beach 3 years ago did she realize how impactful the exercise has been on her life. Having been in a minor accident while an adolescent, Julia suffered from whiplash and Hot Pilates was the best exercise to strengthen her back and core, which helped diminish her neck pain. Also the intensity of the class helped her transfer that motivation to her everyday life, accomplishing many challenging personal goals. She used it to compliment her spiritual practices since the exercise helps connect the body and mind through mindful breathing and controlled movements.

Hot Pilates was not offered at that time she moved to Miami Beach so she searched for different avenues, but countless group classes later she still hadn’t found anything to satisfy her in the same way Inferno Pilates had physically, mentally and spiritually. So she finally decided to embark on the journey of starting her own practice so she could now share her passion with others. Hence, Zen Hot Pilates!

Now calling Toronto her new home, she continues to perfect her practice, while she grows her business and develops her concept of her dream studio coming soon.

Julia Hot Pilates Instructor - Zen Hot Pilates Toronto